Humidity Solutions

dr-storage-logo (1)   Ultra Low Humidity Dry Cabinet / Dry Box

Model F1 X2B XC
Product Image  1  X2B  XC
Humidity Range <1%RH ≤ 5%RH <5%RH
Precision ±2%RH;±1℃
(at <10%RH, 25℃ )
±3.0%RH, ±1.0℃ ±3.0%RH, ±1.0℃
Voltage 110V / 230V 110V / 230V 110V / 230V
Capacity 202~1250L 202~1250L 165~1250L
Slash door design Standard Standard Standard
Paint ESD paint ESD paint ESD paint
N2 filling module Optional Optional Optional
Built-in humidity and temperature alarm; upper and lowers limits can be set.
Built-in calibration reminding; world’s first and only dry cabint that complies with ISO standard.
Used on all our dryers; 260°C heat tolerance to avoid any deforming or melting of dryer.
Built-in RS232 port to be used with our software for instant monitoring and graphing of condition inside the cabinet.
Computerized humidity management that replaced human recording; be aware of the condition inside the cabinet at all time.
Dr_Dataloger GR01 Dr_Nitrogen Flow Meter Dr_Color Storage Bin
Data Logger Nitrogen Flow Meter Colorful Storage Bin
Dr_Nitrogen Filing Module QDN Dr_sensor Dr_Indoor Induction Light
Nitrogen Filing Module QDN Centralized Monitoring System Indoor Induction Light
Dr_Flash Alarm Tower Dr_Sensor look wired transmiter
Flash Alarm Tower SensorLook wired transmitter

Increase production yield by using Dr. Storage


According to the international standard IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033C, when Moisture Sensitive Device (MSD) exposes to the air for more than the allowable period, it starts to absorb the moisture in the air. This absorption of moisture will cause the “popcorn effect” to happen during reflow process. Micro cracks are the results of popcorn effect when exposed to high temperature. To avoid popcorn effect from happening or to conduct normal temperature dehumidification, dry storage, pause or reset floor life, choose from Dr. Storage’s wide range of products to help you increase your product reliability.

Dr. Storage provides dry cabinets with no nitrogen needed, no vacuum needed and low power consumption. Customers can even upgrade their existing cabinets in the future. This provides the customer with a better cost effective and environmental friendly solution.