Grease & Lubricants


BiRAL Lubricants Norway A/S specialise in designing and producing special high performance lubricants which feature a unique and incredibly strong and resilient lubricating film. This extraordinary lubricating film is produced by a special process of polarising the molecular structure of the base oil. The result is a range of lubricants with extremely high adhesive properties – giving excellent lubrication over extended periods with resultant dramatic drop in wear and energy consumption.


Sumico Lubricant Co., Ltd., is a Japanese leading lubricant manufacturer since 1957 who performs solidly in the fields of lubricant involving heavy load, high temperature, and other environmental factors in which general factors in which general lubricants are incompatible.
Sumico Lubricant has a wide range of 530 products that are suitable for various principle uses, such as, general purpose lubricants, mold release agents, cleaning agents, and rust preventive.